Your Safety Guidelines & Control Measures

Effective from 22 July 2020

In line with the Government Guidelines. The following control measures apply to everyone utilizing the facilities at The Monmouthshire Golf Club.
The main priority above anything else, is the safety of our members and staff, as well as ensuring that Golf at The Monmouthshire is operating in a manner which is in line with the supporting documents set out by the R&A, PGA, Wales Golf and British / Welsh Government(s). Every Golfer should be guided by the message of - Play Safe, Stay Safe. This document has been produced to provide members with an overview of what a return to golf looks like at The Monmouthshire after the recent relaxation of Covid 19 restrictions imposed by the government and governing bodies of golf. It is expected that the guidelines laid out will change as time progresses and as such, updated versions of this document will be posted on our club website so please be sure to view this document periodically to check for updates. Please remember, that our Golf course and facilities can be closed if these rules and control measures are not adhered to. We will be having random unannounced inspections performed by our local Environmental Health Representatives and we must be sure not break or bend any of the rules or policies laid out.

• Wash your hands and golf equipment before leaving home.
• All golfers are advised to carry their own hand sanitiser in their golf bags and use regularly
• Only members with a pre-booked tee time should travel to play at the golf club.
• As of 19th July, members may now play in groups from multiple households - this means that all formats of play are allowed 1, 2, 3 & 4 Balls. It is important that Social Distancing is adhered to at all times whilst playing.
• Members with tee times already booked will need to release their times if moving to join members at a different time slot.
• Members are asked to make all bookings through the BRS booking system so ensure you download the BRS app or alternatively the BRS system can be accessed from Club V1.
• Members may book only once per day in advance. Members will be allowed to sign in guests after 14-00 and visitor(s) will be allowed to book also after 14-00.
• Travel to the golf club on your own or with members of your household only.
• Tee times will run from 07.00 – 20.00.
• As of Sunday 19th July, there will be 10-minute intervals between tee times – For track and trace purposes NO PLAY will be allowed before or after the latest time on the BRS booking system.
• If you cannot make your tee time you must cancel.
• Practice nets shall be considered closed and unavailable for use
• The practice areas can be utilized by up to 2 people at any one time and use of these practice areas must be pre booked in the pro shop.
• The practice putting green can be used immediately prior to your allocated tee time.



• Up to 4 players can be booked into play on the BRS system. This means that all formats of play are allowed 1, 2, 3 & 4 Balls.

• All competitions at The Monmouthshire have been suspended until 1st August 2020.
• There will be no board competitions played for during 2020
• Further details of the competitions which will be organized will be communicated to members prior to 1st August

• New members without a handicap can submit scores to achieve a handicap. In order to do so the Pro Shop must be advised of this intention before you start to play.


• Players may lift and place in a bunker while rakes are still unavailable (please note, the area cannot be prepared or smoothed over before placing).
• A player may place a ball in the bunker within one club length and not nearer to the hole.


• Flagsticks are always to remain in the hole and players should not touch or hold the flagstick at any time.
• The cups on the green have been altered to prevent the ball from falling fully into the cup. Players should retrieve their own golf ball from the cup and not a golf ball belonging to any of their playing partner(s).


• The clubhouse indoor facilities will not be available until further notice with the exception of the male, female and disabled toilet facilities.
• Players are asked to arrive at the club no earlier than 30 minutes before their allotted tee time.
• We ask all players where possible to ensure extra distance is left between each vehicle when parking.
• Players should be dressed ready for golf on arrival and to change their shoes in the car park.
• Players to register in the Pro Shop before heading to the 1st tee.
• Player should arrive at the 1st tee no earlier than 5 minutes before their allocated tee time.
• Do not visit the club if you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms, or if you are in self isolation due to a household member displaying symptoms.
• Members playing with a guest(s) must upon arrival at the golf club make the guest aware of the control measures to be applied whilst on the golf club premises.
• A summary of these control measures are currently displayed on the notice bard outside the pro shop.


• The trolley sheds will be accessible to members between the hours 07.00 to 17.00
• Ensure no more than 2 people are in the trolley shed at any one time and social distancing is observed.
• Buggies can be hired from the pro shop. The last order for a buggy is 14.00.
• Under no circumstances must anyone not of the same household share a buggy.
• Before and after use the buggies must be cleaned and disinfected by the professional


• Pull and electric trollies are available for hire from the pro shop.
• Before and after use the trolleys must be cleaned and disinfected by the professional


• We ask all members, visitors and guests to ensure they practice social distancing on the course at all times, ensuring a minimum of two metres distance between each player.
• All rounds of golf MUST start on the 1st Tee.
• All holes must be played in order, skipping of holes is NOT allowed.
• Only one person is permitted on the tee at any given time.
• No rakes are permitted in the bunkers, please smooth down with your foot or club once you have played from a bunker.
• Should you need to use it, we have a temporary local rule for our bunker where players may lift and place within one club length and no nearer the hole, until rakes return.
• Please do not touch the flag.
• Please do not pick up other players golf balls or equipment.
• Ball washers and bins have been covered over or removed to avoid unnecessary touching.
• Please put all rubbish in your golf bag and dispose of when you get home.
• Benches situated around the course should not be utilized as these are not cleaned or disinfected.
• Once a hole is completed, the group in front must have exited the tee box before players can progress to the next tee.
• Do not double back to play again if a ball is lost or unplayable.
• Equipment, food, and drink must not be exchanged between players.
• Please give greenkeepers working on the course priority at all times and continue to observe the 2 metre social distancing requirements.
• The Green staff are not to be approached at any time.

• The shoe cleaning station will be closed and unavailable for use.
• When returning your trolley to the trolley shed ensure no more than 2 people are in the trolley shed at any one time and social distancing is observed.
• It is recommended to remove and change your golf shoes before entering the areas serving drinks or food
• If you are not utilizing the areas serving drinks of food members and guests are asked to travel home as soon as is possible
• Post golf guests are not permitted to remain on the golf premises unless accompanied by the member who played with the guest.
• After your round, it is equally important to ensure we are all following the guidelines.


• As from Monday 13th July, the bar will be open from 12 noon to 5pm daily however these hours will be reviewed on a regular basis.
• During opening hours, there will be a one-way system in operation in the clubhouse to order drinks from the bar.
• Once ordered, your drinks will be brought outside to your table by a member of staff.
• Members can enter the bar through the main door but must exit through the rear patio door in the lounge
• Please observe and follow the social distance markers within the clubhouse at all times
• Please note that drinks and food must not be consumed within the internal areas of the clubhouse.
• Members can place an order at the bar and will be asked to swipe their own bar card.
• To top up your bar-card, members are requested to do this on-line (Club V1) or contactless at the bar, using the POS machine.
• Whilst consuming your drinks / food please note the chairs and tables on the outside areas have been placed according to the current social distancing rules (i.e. 2 metre distancing) and must not be moved to join up with others.
• The chairs and tables have been re-set to seat up to 4 people, however please ensure that only the players who have played together, sit together at the table. (Remember - Play Together Sit Together) Do not move tables or chairs together to join up with other groups.
• Once you are sat at a table, you must not move to another table if one becomes free.
• The coffee machine, will be in operation on a take-out basis only.
• Paper cups will be available or alternatively, we encourage you to bring and use your own reusable cup.
• Food orders will be taken at the back kitchen door in the main foyer.
• Tables will be cleaned with antibacterial spray after each service and members are reminded to use the hand sanitiser provided upon entering the club and to wash their hands frequently.
• We request that you please, DO NOT clear your table of cups/glasses when leaving. This indicates to staff and other customers that the table needs to be sanitised before the next customer can safely use it.
• We respectfully request that use of the tables and chairs in the outside area be utilized for a reasonable period of time only as there is a maximum capacity in the outdoor seating areas of 32 people. Please be respectful of other members waiting to utilize the outside areas after their round of golf.
• Players must return clubs to their car before making their way to the outdoor seating areas adjacent to the clubhouse.
• The above is extremely important to us all as the local authority Environmental Health Inspectors are performing random unannounced inspection of pubs bars and restaurants in the area and non-adherence to government directives and published guidelines can result in closure of our facilities and/or a fine being imposed.
• After your round and taking refreshments, please go straight to your car and leave the facility to ensure there is no gathering around the clubhouse car park.
• We strongly advise members to follow control measures put in place in order to minimise the risk of infection and to ensure everyone’s safety.


• Office will be staffed Monday – Friday, subject to procedures put in place (members should refrain from entering the office.)
• Any queries or concerns can be conveyed to the office staff via the front window area which is clearly signed.
• Green staff prepare the course as normal with operational adjustments for staff working hours as deemed necessary by the Management Committee.
• Pro Shop will open for registration and receive payments for purchases – payment by card only (no cash). Only two persons only at any one time are permitted to enter the pro shop.
• Bar staff, kitchen staff and cleaners must be have a good awareness and appreciation of these control measures and there are specific duties and responsibilities which apply to them individually.
• Guidance for bar staff, kitchen staff and cleaners can be found in document MGC/01/BKS/2020.


This document has been created to ensure all Members and staff remain safe whilst visiting Monmouthshire Golf Club. The situation surrounding COVID-19 and golf is ever changing and as such the above guidelines will be regularly reviewed in line with the latest Government Directives and guidelines. Any amendments will be added and distributed to Members as and when appropriate. Members not adhering to the above guidelines may be asked to leave the facility immediately and may face having their Membership suspended or terminated. We thank you all for your continued support, positivity and patience that has been shown throughout this period and we look forward to welcoming you to the golf club. All further changes will be updated on this document automatically.

Disclaimer: Members must understand that these control measures are presented to minimise risk of Covid 19 infection and The Monmouthshire Golf Club do not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever, if infection is transmitted to any individual whilst on the premises of The Monmouthshire Golf Club.

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